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Test saison 2

1. He________on business in London last week.

where is was is been

2. Was he reading the newspaper ?__________

yes he is yes he was yes he will yes he did

3. He__________a new car last month.

buyed bought did buy buys

4. Did you_________a full-time job ?

found find founded finded

5. My English friends__________all the wine ?

drink drunk drank has drank

6. They___________an important meeting yesterday.

have had has has had

7. That man is__________than you.

older more old the older more older

8. __________the hotel last week?

did they book did they booked are they booking were they booking

9. Why is John running ? He___________take the train.

is going is going to goes doesn't

10. Can you tell__________about your holiday ?

us we our he

11. I__________a mistake with your bill when you arrived.

not made didn't make didn't made will make

12. __________money did you spend last week ?

how many how much how what

13. The salesteam_________enjoying the meal.

was were has have

14. What country___________you like to visit ?

could would will can

15. Sally's nice boss__________ a new briefcase.

give her gave her has Gaven her gived her

16. You__________a meeting several day ago.

arranged arrange was arranging was arranged

17. He was__________his children about their summer vacation.

as excited as such excited as so excited as less excited as

18. Karen and John have known__________for years ?

each other themselves them himself

19.If you're sunburnt, you__________stay in the sun today.

wouldn't shouldn't couldn't will not

20. She was playing the piano, when Thomas__________the bell.

rings rang ring was ringing