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Test saison 4

1. He has________ the idea.

thought of thought about thinked about thought on

2. The 2 friends have__________for a long time.

known each other known themselves knew each other knew themselves

3. I want__________to apologise to us straightaway.

they them their theirs

4. _________you change your mind, or I'll never speak to you again.

Either Or Neither If

5. The Goodson family__________misfortunate year.

has had much had had rather have had much have had a rather

6. Last year, he___________on a trip around the world.

has gone went has went have been

7. If you__________, you 'll see many beautiful fish.

go diving went diving will go diving would dive

8. They aren't going skiing this christmas,__________their friends.

none are neither are neither nor are either are

9. My daughter___________a business student, has gotten into Harvard.

who's whose which is that is

10. _____________interesting idea!

what an what a what what is an

11. Don't__________! I need to speak to my husband.

hang up hung up hang off hung off

12. The flight to Kenya __________an hour late.

has taken off has took off has taken away has took away

13. Hold on, I'm putting you_________to room 9.

through accross on over

14. Caroline wanted me to meet a friend of ___________.

hers her she him

15. It's getting__________in here.

hotter and hotter hotter and hot hot and hotter hot and hot

16. The Robinsons have__________children as the Spencers.

as many as much more as more

17. If you__________your job, why don't you look for another one.

are fed up with are fond of agree with are all right with

18. I look forward to__________you again

meet meeting met have met

19. __________have you known your best friend?

how long since how long for how long since how long ago

20. He's broke. He__________enough money.

hasn't got hasn't get has got will not got